Farm Products

Eggs, Chicken, 1 Dozen $4
Chicken, Whole, Frozen: typically 3-4 pounds each $4.50/lb
KuneKune Pork Varies by product, Inquire.
Goat Cheese $2/oz
Goat’s Milk, Raw* – Please bring your own container. $3/qt; $10/gal
Goat’s Milk Soap $4/bar
Turkey, Whole, Frozen $5/lb
Goose, Whole, Frozen $6/lb
Lip Balm $3/tube

* In accordance with MD Law, Raw Milk cannot be sold for human consumption. It can be used for animals, soap making, etc.

This product listing is kept up to date as much as possible. Please understand that pricing and availability may change. If you are interested in any products, please contact us and we can give you the latest information.