Kidding Schedule

2017 kids have started arriving!

If you would like to be added to the wait list for kids, or if you’d like to reserve a kid, please email me at There is a $20 nonrefundable charge to be added to the wait list. If we cannot deliver the kid you requested, we will refund the money. The fee will be applied to your kid purchase.

There is a $50 nonrefundable deposit to reserve a kid.

We expect to have several does in milk for sale this year after kidding. Does are marked in the schedule below. If interested in one of those, please email us at for details.

*Entire herd tested CAE and Johnes negative March 2017!

Kidding Schedule:


Dam Sire Date Born Kids
Phoenix Rising SummeronDemand Fairytail Acres Pancho 01 April 2017 Blue eyed Doe (Retained)

Brown Eyed Buckskin Doeling. SOLD

Brown Eyed Buckskin Buckling. SOLD.

Chatterbox Acres Raven

*Will be for sale in milk

Fairytail Acres Pancho Due 30 July (blue eyes expected)
Buffalo Acres Molly


Fairytail Acres Lefty 13 May 2017 Black with white spots Doeling. SOLD.

Black and White Buckling. SOLD.

Sweet Grace Farm Primrose

*Will be for sale in milk

Fairytail Acres Lefty Due 26 June
White Rock Farm BN Hailey


Fairytail Acres Pancho 19 May 2017  Blue Eyed Mini-Mancha Buckling, Pendulum Ears, $200

Blue Eyed Mini-Mancha Buckling, Elf Ears & Moonspots, $250

White Rock Farm FA Demi Fairytail Acres Lefty Due 23 July –