Welcome to Peaceful Pig Goats where we raise Nigerian Dwarf goats, mini LaMancha goats (or mini-Manchas), and KuneKune pigs in Odenton, Maryland!

Peaceful Pig Goats is the goat herd on Peaceful Pig Pond. Here at the farm, we have Nigerian Dwarves and Mini-Mancha goats, chickens, ducks, geese, KuneKunes, and dogs.

All of our animals, even those raised for meat, are provided the best care and love we can provide. They are treated with respect because they all serve a purpose towards making the farm as self-sufficient as possible.

In addition to goat kids in the spring, we frequently have goat’s milk products, goat’s milk (not for human consumption), chickens, and eggs for sale. A full list of products and pricing can be found on our Farm Products page. If you are interested in any of these, just send us an email at jen@peacefulpigpond.com.


*Entire herd tested CAE/CL/Johnes negative 02 March 2016!